It looks like the DVD pirates have found their next big target. Movieweb is reporting that copies of Hostel Part II have already hit the streets for sale in Los Angeles. According to the first person account of an B. Alan Orange, he managed to snag a $5 studio-grade copy of the torture flick. The sequel to the 2005 film centers the action this time on a group of girls kidnapped and tortured in a remote European location. The movie is expected to be a big success, but could a few crappy street DVDs really hurt the opening weekend profits? Not to worry, Roth seems to lining up plenty of projects for the near future. Just today, Monika reported that the director was looking to expand on his Grindhouse trailer, Thanksgiving, as well as the slightly nutty concept film Trailer Trash - The Movie.

Hostel Part II is not the first high profile summer movie to have been hit by piracy. Just this May copies of Spiderman 3 were supposedly flooding the market before the film had its North American release. In the end, Sony released an official statement denying that copies had flooded the market in Beijing for $1 a piece. At least Roth can take solace in the fact that his was going for five. But it's not like Spiderman suffered at the Box Office and I think the same will hold true for fans of Roth's particular brand of horror. Law abiding citizens who want to see Hostel: Part II will just have to wait until June 8th.