Either it's just another way to drum up interest in someone no one is really talking about, or Marcus Schenkenberg (most folks will remember him as that hottie male model in VH1's The Surreal Life) has just landed a role in Terminator 4. Coming Soon tells us that Schenkenberg was interviewed on the Dutch talk show Jensen! where he informed his legions of fans that he just returned from the Cannes Film Festival where he booked not one, but four new movie roles. Four! The only role we really care about (and the one that the CS scooper mentions) is this so-called part in Terminator 4. Although he did not say who he'll be playing (a sexy robot? a sexy rebel?), the actual interview (in Dutch?) will be available online next week; check back here for all the tasty nuggets of Schenkenberg info.

Another interesting tidbit was that Schenkenberg apparently told Jensen! that Arnold Schwarzenegger will have a 30-second cameo in the sequel. Now, Ahnold has said on numerous occasions that he will have nothing to do with any future Terminator installments, however recent rumors left open the possibility that the Governator could allow filmmakers to use his image in some sort of digitally-created "Look, it's Arnold's face with dialogue from T2!" type of scene. When we last reported on those rumors, it seemed as if Arnold had given the greenlight for that. Yet, later in the day, Cinematical received an email that said all of it was nonsense; that Arnold had not approved of anything like that. So, what are we left with? Nada, really ... unless you're a huge fan of Marcus Schenkenberg. Personally, I cannot see a fourth installment hitting theaters without at least a picture of Arnold as The Terminator appearing at some point during the action. Whether we see more than a picture is up to the man himself; Cinematical will let you know as soon as we hear more.

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