Rejoice! There's finally more news about the super-saucy adaptation of Nicholas Sparks romance Nights in Rodanthe. In February, Erik Davis posted about the film, which will re-team Diane Lane with India-incensing Richard Gere (you might remember that the pair starred together in Unfaithful). Unlike their last film, this offering is about a doctor (Gere) who is heading to see his estranged son when he has a sexy interlude with a woman in an unhappy marriage. Not simply sex like that old Heart song goes, the experience is "life-changing" for the man. Now, if you're wondering who the other two players in the dysfunction are, you don't have to wait any longer.

Christopher Meloni, that guy from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the puss-y Freakshow from Harold & Kumar, will play Lane's husband; James Franco, everyone's favorite little Goblin will play Gere's son. There's just something about Franco and Gere as father and son that seems completely right to me, so I've got to give kudos on the casting choice. How the players will come together in this dysfunctional environment remains to be seen. The adaptation comes from Ken Hixon, who last penned City by the Sea, and Ann Peacock, whose last film was The Chronicles of Narnia. Interesting pair, isn't it? Lackawanna Blues director George Wolfe will helm the feature and Denise Di Novi is the romance's producer. Considering the increasing popularity of Nicolas Sparks' work on the big screen, especially the most recent adaptation -- The Notebook -- I imagine that romance fans will go to see this in droves.
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