If you are a Parker Posey fan, which was the last film of hers that you really loved? I just went down the list, and was surprised to see that the last starring role that was really, really great was her Jackie O in The House of Yes. Of course, she's had some great roles since then, but they were all ensemble pieces -- The Anniversary Party, A Mighty Wind and my personal favorite: her neurotic dog-owning Meg Swan in Best in Show. To me, the recent Fay Grim was her big comeback role, but it's one of those films that requires a certain cinematic taste, and was definitely her putting on her old, quirk hat. On the tails of that we're getting Broken English, which might just give her some better mainstream work than her previous side roles in movies like You've Got Mail and Superman Returns.

Rope of Silicon
has posted a trailer to English, which pretty much runs through the plot in its short collection of scenes. The movie is about a 30-something Manhattan woman named Nora (Posey) who is single and cynical about love and unhappy at her hotel job. She's also jealous of her friend Audrey's (Drea de Matteo without the goofy Tribbianis or mobsters) "perfect marriage," and has a mom who keeps reminding her that she's single (Gena Rowlands). Nora goes on a series of dates that include Justin Theroux as a mohawk-headed actor and Josh Hamilton -- who played her brother, Marty in Yes -- as a guy her mom fixes her up with. As with any romance, when all hope seems lost, she meets the alluring Julien from France, who energizes her life. She quits her job, heads to Paris and goes out to experience what French men have to offer. It's Posey without the over-acted quirk, which will make her easier to digest for the masses, but still with the same snark that her fans love. And we only have a little less than a month's wait to see it -- it heads into limited release on June 22.