Hollywood is going a bit guru-crazy these days. Erik Davis has already alerted you to Mike Myer's concept about the Indian self-help relationship guru named Pitka -- a new character who is sure to be all sorts of crazy in typical zany Myers fashion. Now Variety is reporting about another guru-themed picture, one that's sure to be a little more down-to-earth and just a smidge more serious. The feature in question is Traveling, a Stuber/Parent flick marking the directorial debut of writer Brandon Camp, who wrote the script with writing partner Mike Thompson -- the guys behind Kevin Costner's Dragonfly.

The best part about this news -- the film is set to star Aaron Eckhart in what I consider spot-on casting. Traveling is about a widower who writes a book about grieving. It becomes a phenomenon and subsequently turns him into a charismatic self-help guru. However, he then falls for a woman at one of his seminars and is faced with the fact that he hasn't actually gotten over his loss. Really, is there anyone out there better suited for the role? Eckhart's stint in Thank You For Smoking was the same thing, but without the guise of self-help -- a charismatic guy who is really good at convincing people of things whether they are true or not. Considering his roles in Conversations with Other Women and Black Dahlia, he should also be able to handle the angst of this character with ease. The whole death question is also old hat for the writing team, so I imagine the project should flow quite nicely. It will start shooting in 2008.
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