I attended Star Wars Celebration IV over Memorial Day weekend in the hopes of finding a few people in costume to take photos of. I had no idea that I'd be running into squadrons of Stormtroopers, legions of Leias, and more Jedis than you could shake a lightsaber at. Of course, there were a few Darth Vaders, and even an Emperor to boot. No Yodas, sadly ... although we did see a few Jawas with R2D2 in tow.

The tried and true stormtrooper from Star Wars: A New Hope was easily the most popular costume, but we also encountered a lot of Boba and Jango Fetts in full armor as well. For the ladies, you would think that Princess Leia would be one of the obvious choices (after all, she had several costume changes), but there were also plenty of Amidalas, female Imperial officers, and even several stormtroopers of the opposite sex. We even managed to hang out with a female Han Solo who had it going on. Maybe she was Hannah Solo?

Darth Vader marched out before the show opened with a squad of stormtroopers who helped form a ring around the front entrance. We weren't sure if they were going to line dance or what, so imagine how surprised we were when a loud blasting noise brought in Boba Fett ... flying on a very real jetpack. He landed in the middle of the circle to thunderous applause.

However, the most popular moment by far was the Slave Girl Leia photo shoot at 2pm. Imagine more than 30 Leias in the classic metal bikini posing on an enormous Jabba the Hutt prop. Then imagine a herd of fanboys taking as many pictures of their digital cards would hold. It got so popular that the fire marshal had to shut things down. The Force was definitely with him.

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