In my opinion, Dane Cook's stand-up is a lot funnier than his acting. You can blame it on bad scripts all day long, but I like to think our friend Cook is suffering from a severe case of "Chris Rock syndrome" -- meaning he's having a heck of a hard time making the jump from "that funny dude on stage" to "that hysterical dude on screen." That said, he's a tough guy to cast and his roles haven't shown us a ton of range. Whereas I see him more as the perfect villain (an a**hole of an ex-boyfriend, perhaps), he keeps landing gigs as the nice guy with woman troubles. However, that might change with his latest role; The Hollywood Reporter tells us Cook is in final negotiations to star in Bachelor No. 2 for Lionsgate, with Howard Deutch (Pretty in Pink) all but set to direct.

Although Cook will once again play a guy whose biggest problem lies with the opposite sex, this time he'll have a chance to play up the sleazeball role. Script centers on a guy named Tank (Cook) who's hired to take girls out on bad dates -- dates that end in such a horrific way that these girls are forced to run back into the arms of their previous boyfriend, Tank's client. Of course it shouldn't be too hard to figure out where this is going; eventually his best friend asks him for help getting back together with his girlfriend and, well, I assume complications arise when Tank actually digs her in a more than friends kind of way. Script was penned by Jordan B. Cahan, and they're currently eying an August start date. Cook, who's been quite the busy bee as of late, can next be seen this weekend in Mr. Brooks, then later this summer in Good Luck Chuck, and then this fall in Dan in Real Life, opposite Steve Carell.

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