Production will begin next year on Last House on the Left, a remake of the 1972 Wes Craven film about some killers who break into the home of the parents of one of their victims. This is one that I'm curious about, only because the very notion that the remake will be as 'realistic' as the original -- a film infamous for its graphic rape and murder scenes -- is completely off the table. The MPAA will laugh in their faces. So what in the world is Wes Craven thinking? Yeah, he's totally behind this, producing the remake with Sean S. Cunningham under his Midnight Pictures label. The remake will be directed by a guy named Dennis Iliadis, who has little to no credits, to my knowledge. It will be written by a guy named Adam Alleca, who has little to no credits, to my knowledge. Was Aja unavailable to shepherd another Craven vehicle into the new millennium? Is he too busy trying to figure out that Piranha remake?

According to Variety, Craven wants the remake to "retain the spirit of the original ... but aim for a more realistic tone." What does that mean? Close-ups of penetration? Money shots? This just doesn't make sense to me on any level. The story also notes that scripter Alleca had previously approached Craven about remaking The People Under the Stairs, which is even more baffling. As for Sean S. Cunningham, I'd be interested in knowing if there's been any movement in the long talked-about plans to remake the first Friday the 13th film. Has anyone heard anything about that? Last time I checked, it was with Michael Bay's company.

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