Wow, I bet no one saw this coming. If you're not sick and tired of hearing about the trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan by now, then you seriously need to come over to my place because we're having a ball with this whole "coked up on the side of a road" snafu. Ah Lindsay, you beat Paris and Britney any day. Sometimes I feel as if all these girls get together in a room, throw a bunch of moronic activities into a hat and randomly choose the best way to end their career. "Ooohh, I got 'shave my head and punch a photographer's car!'" "Yeah, well I got 'drive the wrong way on the freeway.'" "That's nothing ladies, I got 'snort some coke and crash my car into a tree.' Beat that bitches!" Oh, but wait -- they're addicts. I forgot. Then again, I'm not so sure rehab can cure an idiot addiction.

Now that La Lohan has officially checked into rehab following the events that took place this past weekend, her future on film is all up in the air. According to Variety, the hard-partying thesp might have to ditch her latest role in the dark comedy Poor Things (which we literally just told you about the other day) because shooting was set to begin this month. Pic, which also stars Rosario Dawson, Shirley MacLaine and Channing Tatum, will either delay its start or feverishly search for an adequate replacement. For my money, I'd bet on the latter. This also brings into question Lohan'sI Know Who Killed Me, which is due out July 27. Will Lohan be healthy enough to promote the flick? What will happen? And how long before someone plans a movie about her life with Lohan attached to star? And then, how long until she ditches that role too?

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