I have to say, I feel bad for all the ladies out there this summer. Not only are the majority of major films geared toward a male audience, but some of the more talked-about female films feature girls being kidnapped, tortured and/or mutilated. What's up with that? Two weeks after director Eli Roth does some very bad things to three unsuspecting female tourists in Hostel: Part II, Elisha Cuthbert gets drugged and thrown in some sort of dungeon in Captivity. Oh, and then next month La Lohan gets kidnapped and has her legs chopped off in I Know Who Killed Me. Man, what happened to the days when a delightful girl could innocently frolic through an open field and not be viciously mangled for doing so? Where's the love?

Most of you are probably already aware of the film Captivity. Back in March, After Dark Films shoveled out a number of controversial billboards onto city streets in L..A. and New York without the approval of the MPAA. Since then, the MPAA suspended the ratings process for Captivity, bumping its release date back a month to June 22. Now, with a spiffy new 'R' rating, Captivity has a pretty nifty website and a new exclusive clip has popped up over at JoBlo. In said clip, Cuthbert crawls around on a floor, pops a VHS tape into a VCR (why are serial killers always way behind on the times?) and begins to watch video of someone watching her. It's kind of creepy, but I can't imagine it leaving too much of an impact after the girl has already been kidnapped. "Now that I have you, here's how I did it. What do you think about the edit job; not bad for a homicidal maniac, huh?"

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