I was so, so, so excited about Regal Entertainment's announcement last august that the theater chain had developed a new complaint system called Regal Guest Response. The system utilizes hand-held devices that are given to select customers, who are then responsible for alerting management about problems with the film's picture or sound, film piracy or audience disturbances. But it has been almost a year since the company began testing out the walkie-talkie-like contraptions in 13 of its locations, and I was beginning to think the system would never be expanded to the rest of the country. This week, though, the chain, which runs Regal Cinemas, Edwards Cinemas and UA Theatres, is rolling out the devices to 114 theaters.

According to Regal, the test run showed that customer etiquette improved in the locations using the devices. The company did not, however, specify how frequently patrons were tattled on by their fellow audience members or whether the etiquette improvement was based on customers being aware of the system. Apparently if you are a member of Regal's Crown Club (as I am) then you have a good chance of being one of those selected to carry the device into the theater and monitor the screen and crowd. For the rest of you seeing a movie at any of Regal's locations this weekend, be on your best behavior, because the guy seated behind you might just need to push a button in order to have you removed.

In response to this news, New York Magazine has created its own modified version of the device, which offers more amusing complaint options, which are specifically applicable for NYC theaters, including buttons marked "Mentally Ill Person Shouting At Screen" and "Hookers". The magazine also added a button that we all wish we could have in this age of bad movies: "Plot/Cinematography."
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