After fighting for his life in an Asian death pit, The Karate Kid, Part III deliberately lowers the stakes of the franchise and has Daniel LaRusso returning home to Receda, to be confronted by ... well, John Kreese again. Sort of. Kreese is still not over being humiliated by LaRusso at the All Valley, which actually makes sense when you consider that in Karate Kid time, the lapse between the first film and third film is only a few weeks. Having been financially ruined by the sudden departure of his Cobra Kai students, Kreese now reaches out to a man who may be the most ridiculous villain in the history of movies, corporate eco-terrorist and Cobra Kai financier Terry Silver, played by Thomas Ian Griffith. A despondent Kreese shows up on the doorstep of Silver's enormous mansion, and is welcomed with open arms. As they are talking, Silver's manservant interrupts with some routine papers. "Ten years ago nuclear was the preferred waste, you could dump it anywhere," Silver nostalgically sighs as he signs. "Now everybody's a detective!"

Because of some Vietnam debt he owes Kreese, Silver agrees to put his entire criminal empire on hold so that he can make enacting Kreese's revenge his only business -- he actually tells his secretary "for the next few weeks, my business is strictly revenge," which causes no reaction in her whatsoever. He puts Kreese on a plane to Tahiti and then sets about putting into action an elaborate two-part plan. The first part involves hiring a vicious karate champion named Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) to come to Receda and harass LaRusso into competing in the next All Valley tournament. For the second part, Silver will insert himself into LaRusso's life as a false Miyagi. The idea is that Daniel will become reliant on his teaching methods instead of Miyagi's, and Silver will be able to poison the champion's pure heart by teaching him dirty Cobra Kai tricks. By the time the tournament rolls around, LaRusso will be so screwed up in the head and poorly prepared that Barnes will cream him, and Kreese's revenge against this 17 year-old kid will be complete. Awesome.

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