Cinematical recently brought you the exclusive drop of a new poster for the Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller film Interview, and now a trailer has popped up online as well. I'll be coming at this film relatively uninfluenced, since I've never seen the original Theo van Gogh film on which its based and I dont know any specifics about the remake, other than who is starring in it. Still, I'm absolutely looking forward to it, because I'm a fan of both Buscemi and Miler, and I think the latter has comedy chops that haven't been fully explored yet. Based on this trailer, the story is apparently a 'night to remember' kind of deal, with Buscemi the journalist being invited back to the apartment of the movie star Miller and getting to spend some time with her. I'm sure that this kind of thing happens at some level of journalism, but not mine, so it all seems pretty fictional to me. Even more fictional is that the movie is apparently going to ask us to buy that some kind of romance blooms between these two. Are you kidding me?

Interview is one of a handful of films that Miller has coming out soon. There's also Stardust, which she apparently has a very small part in, and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. Next year, she'll have A Woman of No Importance, which is the movie she's replacing Jessica Biel in, and The Edge of Love, the film that she jumped into after Lindsay Lohan jumped out. Maybe Miller could jump into Poor Things, now that Lohan will probably be too busy drying out in rehab to take it. As for Interview, that one arrives in theaters on July 13.