While we all know that the notorious director Uwe Boll likes to act a little nutty now and then, I don't think anyone could have seen this coming. Boll is attempting to auction off a role in his new film Far Cry on eBay. This is just the latest in a series of console-based entertainment that Boll just can't seem to stay away from. Up for grabs is an undisclosed role for the low price of a little over $3000, but you will have to cover your own travel and accommodations. The film is based on UBI Soft's first-person shooter game about an ex-special forces agent for hire stranded on a mysterious island out to rescue his client; the plucky female photojournalist Valerie Constantine. So far, the only casting we have from the film was the rumored addition of Til Schweiger, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Whether the auction is a desperate attempt for publicity or a genuine casting crisis, when it comes to Boll nothing should surprise us. One of his latest films (and there does seem to be an awful lot of them), Postal, managed to offend just about everyone with a gag about 9/11. So in the history of Boll's publicity stunts, auctioning off a movie role might not seem so bad, right? But here's where it gets a little embarrassing: so far Boll has pulled in zero bids. It almost makes you feel sorry for the guy, but then I remember that Bloodrayne 2 teaser and the feeling passes.

[via Kotaku]
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