Before he was judgmental in The Devil Wears Prada and farting around with his Entourage, Adrian Grenier decided to film his quest to find his father, and step into the world of documentaries. Really, this guy has been all over the place professionally. After a starring stint as Sebastian Cole, he was oh, so lucky enough to be Melissa Joan Hart's love interest in Drive Me Crazy and then did almost every drug known to man as a guerrilla movie buff in John Waters' Cecil B Demented. Still, Shot in the Dark broke new territory for the actor -- as both his step into documentary work and the challenge to put that much of your real self and story on-screen.

It all happened in 1999 when, after a series of phone calls with his father, Grenier filmed his road trip from New York to Ohio to see him face-to-face. It contains interviews with both strangers and relatives about what fatherhood means, and how parents affect their children's sense of self. You can see a trailer for a little more background over at The Documentary Blog before it airs after Adrian's hit show Entourage, on Sunday, June 3 at 10:30 p.m. Considering all the actors-turned-filmmakers out there these days, and those who think the idea is completely ridiculous, like Alex Cox, I think it's pretty ballsy to reveal yourself when trying other cinematic hats. I mean, much of the movie business is preying on those real-life stories that can be adapted into big-budget phenomenons, but how many of those who portray real-life people would turn the same lens on themselves? According to IMDb, the film screened at Tribeca in 2002 and TIFF last year, so if you've seen it, what did you think?
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