A few days ago, I had a chance to speak with Eli Roth regarding everything Hostel, as well as his future plans for the Stephen King adaptation Cell, a Grindhouse 2 with Edgar Wright and this Trailer Trash movie we keep hearing so much about. I'll be posting the full interview next week, but in the meantime I managed to snag word from Roth that, as of now, he has no intentions of making a Hostel: Part III. When I asked whether he leaves anything open at the end of Hostel: Part II, Roth said: "No, there's part one and part two. There's Kill Bill I and Kill Bill II. There's Hostel: Part I and Hostel: Part II; no part III. I mean, never say never -- but, no. That's the story; there's part one and part two - it's over, I'm done with it."

Interestingly enough, Roth didn't completely rule out someone else taking over the horror franchise. "Maybe someone else will want to continue it, but I really made Hostel: Part II for myself. You know it's very rare for the original writer/director -- for the original people to come back and do the sequel. That doesn't happen a lot. And I really wanted to raise the bar on how people perceive a horror sequel should be. And unless I felt like I can make a part three that re-defines what a third part is, I wouldn't do it. I don't want there to be Beyond Thunderdome; I just wish there was Mad Max and Road Warrior. I want there to be Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man 2; I didn't need there to be a Spider-Man 3." Should Hostel: Part II make a crapload of money, we'll see if that doesn't change Roth's mind; but based on our conversation, he seemed really adamant about there only being two films. Chances are, if there is a Hostel: Part III, Eli Roth will be nowhere near the sucker. Hostel: Part II arrives in theaters next Friday, June 8.

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