"Call me Popov, Dusko Popov" doesn't have the same ring as "Bond, James Bond" does it? The former was actually the man that Ian Fleming's infamous 007 was based on. Like his fictional predecessor, the Yugoslav was a suave ladies man who stayed in the best hotels, dined at the classiest restaurants and gambled and premiere casinos. He was also a double agent during WWII, and my favorite bit about him -- his codename was the un-flashy "Tricycle," a name which was once said to be linked to his desire for threesomes. A documentary about him, called True Bond, is going to kick off a huge James Bond marathon next month on Encore.

Starting with the doc at 8 p.m. on Friday, June 22, the station will spend the next 52 hours showing all of the classic Bond, along with the Popov feature once a day, wrapping up with From Russia With Love at 10:15 on Sunday, the 24th. While the long running time might make you think that they're showing all of them from beginning to end, this fest is only about the pre-Brosny days -- Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton. There's no undying tomorrow, and definitely not Bond's first Casino Royale days. That makes me wonder if the rights were a little to pricey for the newer features, because really, why not make the list comprehensive, especially if the least-loved are on the list? (*cough* Lazenby *cough*) Regardless, there are lots of great movies to see -- Octopussy and Goldfinger, for starters. However, you might want to set your DVRs unless you plan to sit up for the entire run, bleary-eyed and only napping when the few repeats air. You can plan your Bond-fest here, where there is a list of films and when they will screen, by day.
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