The pictures, they are a-rolling in. On Tuesday, Erik Davis shared the first peeks of Kate Winslet on the set of Revolutionary Road -- the film notable not only because it's Kate, but because it is reuniting her with Leonardo DiCaprio under the helming eye of Mr. Winslet, Sam Mendes. The images showed the actress with a head full of curly hair and a spunky, retro white dress. Now Just Jared has got some more clips of Kate as well as the first look at Leo, in all his dapper glory. He's got that Frank Abagnale Jr. look going on, and I'm sure many an anti-smoking in film activist will be thrilled that he's puffing away.

Unfortunately, mens fashions haven't changed drastically over the last century, so there's not much to his pictures -- especially since this isn't the first time he's put on some retro attire. As for Kate, it's looking like the stylists weren't too big on her curly hair. JJ's pictures have the same dress, shoes and gloves (with a white clutch added), but these images show her hair neatly pulled back. Or, maybe her character never changes, and she just wears the same white dress every day -- having a miraculous talent in keeping it clean, or who scrubs at it furiously each night as her husband Frank sleeps? I'm hoping they don't have her raising kids in a perfect attire. That's too Donna Reed for me. And just to recap: the movie is about a suburban couple bored with their mundane life who want to move their family to France to spice things up. The flick is currently filming in the Big Apple.
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