If you're a fan of the late Stanley Kubrick, you'll probably want to start saving your pennies for a new box set that is coming out. Now, there's already been the Stanley Kubrick Collection, which held everything from Lolita through Eyes Wide Shut. (Where's the Spartacus love? I know he didn't write it, but still!) It has a documentary with assistant Jan Harlan and an (at the time) new anamorphic edition of 2001. Now while another assistant, Leon Vitali, talked with The Reeler about some screenings of Kubrick's oft-forgotten Barry Lyndon, some info came up about an upcoming HD box set that is in the works, although no release date has been announced.

Using the previous set as a guide, the films have gone through the HD process and Vitali says: "they did a really good job... They looked really, really fine. It also means that in HD you are getting the 1.85 you saw theatrically." Now, what confuses me, as well as Vitali, is why the list of films is not including Barry Lyndon, like the original set. He says they're doing all but that film, which means that Lolita and Dr. Strangelove will be added to flist he mentioned -- 2001 (a transfer he says is "stunning! It is so stunning!"), A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut. If you're using the previous set as a guide, what would inspire you to cut out a film that might not be remembered as much, but is held in high regard? The people who go out and spend a ton on this set will be the big fans of Kubrick's work, so why leave them partially hanging? Nevertheless, I'm sure many will purchase the box set, since any visual filmmaker is going to look even better in HD, but don't hand out a skeleton without the femur!

[via JoBlo]