Here's a good question: Has there ever been a decent Hercules movie? I don't mean guilty-pleasure decent; I mean well-made decent. I don't think there has been. Hercules is pretty much synonymous with cheesy Italian films, a cheesy television series, a movie that dared dub over Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice and arguably one of the least interesting animated features Disney has ever made. All this could change, though, if producer Avi Lerner and his Millennium Pictures (The Black Dahlia) does right with a new live-action Hercules feature. Lerner has been responsible for many, many bad films, but there's definitely a chance this could be good.

Okay, so it will probably actually follow in the awful footsteps of the Hercules efforts before it. Sean Hood, who gave us the scripts for Halloween: Resurrectionand The Crow: Wicked Prayer, has written the screenplay, so there's one thing against it already. I think that the only way we could ever get a good movie about the Hercules character, though not necessarily his legendary adventures, is if Marvel Studios for some reason wanted to do a feature on the Marvel version of the demi-god. Of course, we may get to see him included in The Avengers, but I'm not holding my breath. He never was that interesting in the comics, and I don't think he'd be that interesting in the movie either.
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