I suppose the more cynical among you could file this one away in the "unsubstantiated rumor" category. But what the heck, this a film blog, not the New York Times. So, in the interest of giving you, the important Cinematical reader, information about upcoming films as soon as we possibly can, here we go: according to a source, Neil Gaiman is apparently now set to make his feature film directorial debut later this year when he takes the reigns of a film adapted from his graphic novel Death: The High Cost of Living.

Film Ick says that Gaiman will be adapting his graphic novel for the screen and directing with production to start sometime in late Autumn in the U.K. -- even though, as the article states, the graphic novel takes place mainly in the U.S. At the site there's also several other bits and pieces of information, including that Gaiman will be including new story items in the film -- particularly an arc about roving Buddhist Monks -- that were not in the original graphic novel, some rumors about the potential casting of soon-to-be-everywhere Shia LaBeouf as male lead Sexton Funival and, of course, the big question of who will play the title character: Death herself.

As a huge fan of Neil Gaiman and everything he does, this graphic novel and its variations are of particular interest to me. Over the years, I've often thought about who I would like to see in a movie adaptation if one was ever made. Although I wasn't hugely impressed by what LaBeouf did with Chas Kramer in Constantine (much like a commenter at the Film Ick site) I do think he fits the part of Funival pretty well. As for Death, I would like to see Natalie Portman take on the role. What do you guys think?
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