I'd like you to think that the only reason I watched So You Think You Can Dance last night was to check out the brand new super long trailer for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Strategically placed an hour or so into the show (that way people like me would find themselves slowly hypnotized by all those gyrating hips, to a point where the trailer becomes worthless and all you want is for the show to continue on), the trailer itself was fairly decent. I say 'fairly decent' because that's exactly how I felt after watching it -- kind of like, "Okay, it has potential but I'm not blown away." Perhaps I was the only one who felt that way; for the film's sake, I hope I was.

Part of the problem with all these Fantastic Four trailers is that, with the exception of that very first teaser (the one that showed Johnny Storm battling Silver Surfer), none of them have really kicked ass. Not only that, but none of them have shown us enough of a villain to adequately shake us up. Once again, all the Silver Surfer does here is fly around ... in every single scene. "Look, he's flying over there! Wait, now he's flying over there! Watch out, it's the Silver Surfer ... flying again!" I sort of dig the whole "swapping super powers" gimmick (and there's a really cool shot of Storm at the end using a number of different powers), but since I just watched Shrek the Third (a film that also used the swapping technique), it didn't hit me the way it should have. That's not to say I don't want to see the film; I really do. I'm truly rooting for Tim Story to deliver a dynamite flick -- God knows we need at least one blockbuster to knock one out of the ballpark this summer. And maybe it's better that these trailer don't build up too much hype; this way you're not completely let down (ahem, Spider-Man 3) when the movie fails to meet your expectations. Yeah, that's it.

For those that missed the trailer last night (as well as a highly-entertaining dance show), I've snatched it up and included it after the jump. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer arrives on June 15. Enjoy.