Nice to see such strong turnout these last few weeks on our lil' Insert Caption contest. And very cool that a few of you have become repeat winners, like Megan R., who's triumphed two weeks in a row, and may now actually be considering a full-time career in caption-writing. Megan, along with the other folks below, can expect the stork to arrive very shortly with a box of Knocked Up goodies.

To those who have played many times and have yet to win, it's about time we offer a few helpful hints: Resist the fart jokes; Poop jokes are passable, but only if you specifically use the word "poop." Don't enter 10 captions in a row; Space 'em out a bit or something. And never, ever, ever, ever use the words "Sexyback" or "Sanjaya." Those aren't addendums to the official rules, just friendly suggestions. Now test your skillz with the pic below from Ocean's Thirteen. Our favorite caption writer will win Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve on DVD, as well as a 13 hat, tee-shirt and deck of cards. Two runners up will get the clothing and cards. Good luck!

Knocked Up1. "By the time Katherine Heigel realized that she should have read her entire Grey's Anatomy contract, it was far too late." -- Megan R.

2. "Guess now wouldn't be the right time to tell her we're cousins."
-- Manuel A.

3. "Dr. Phil, I am not sure what video of you shaving your thighs has to do with child birth." -- Justin R.

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