Since winning the Best Actress Oscar for role as June Carter in Walk the Line, and splitting from Ryan Philippe, Reese Witherspoon has been lying low. She took up a stint in Penelope, but that wasn't half as high-profile as some of her recent, previous work like Sweet Home Alabama and Just Like Heaven. Now she's got a thriller with Jake Gyllenhaal in post-production, a Delia Ephron comedy to star in and from Variety today -- a classic remake. Universal Pictures has secured the actress for the starring role in a remake of Claudette Colbert's 1939 film, Midnight.

The original is about an American, ex-showgirl in Paris who pretends that she's Hungarian royalty to get into the Parisian elite and find a man with money, rather than love. She uses the title Baroness Czerny -- coming from the name of a poor cab driver she rejected for his lack of money. Eve meets Georges Flammarion, who will keep her secret if she woos his wife's lover away. Of course, while she's being wooed by big money, that ol' cab driver is still after her. Imagining this remade makes me a bit nervous, since it could easily slide into the terrible realm of eye-gouging romcoms, but this flick has a twist -- it's the adapted brainchild of Michael Arndt, the guy who won an Oscar for writing Little Miss Sunshine. According to him, the film has "long been one of my favorite films, and it is easily one of the best comedies of the '30's. Being given the chance to update the film with Reese in the lead is simply a dream come true." If the re-made Midnight has any of the spunk of his spastic Sunshine family, this little project might just work.
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