I was hopelessly ensared in the world of The 40-Year-Old Virgin the minute I saw that poster. Both simplistic, yet telling, Steve Carrell's smiling face with hopefully arched eyebrows, hair slicked back and a golf shirt said just as much as the film's title. You knew what you needed to know, and you knew that you'd get what was expected. Now Knocked Up is here, and while Seth Rogen's similar picture isn't as epic, it doesn't really matter because we all know that Judd Apatow has a talent for delivering the laughs, and heck, even the reviewers agree.

If you took out the particulars in those little blurbs over at Rotten Tomatoes, and left just the flowering praise, you'd think this could possibly be the best movie ever made, and definitely Oscar-worthy. Mashing it all up, Apatow's latest is an era-defining, uproarious and brilliantly-deceptive comedy that has earned him the honor of chief chronicler of modern family life. The film is a gleeful triumph that looks effortless, yet is a deceptively sophisticated meditation on moral agency. It's heartfelt, comic chicken soup with an elegance of form, and might just be an act of subversive genius. You get the idea. Almost everyone loves it, and the negative make it refreshing since it's so different from the flock that you have to wonder if it's just not their cup of tea, or they went to see it after getting cancer of the puppy -- for example, Roger Moore thinks it's "a tone-deaf skip down parenthood lane." I guess you can't make everyone happy. But at least critics and casual moviegoers can skip down the lane hand-in-hand for the next little while.
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