Sometimes you wake up and read some movie news that really excites you, like when Lord of the Rings was announced or when they found a cool actor to play James Bond. Today I got another one: Denise Richards to play a stripper in an indie flick called A Beautiful Life. Oh please, don't even look at me like that. There's a reason Wild Things sold 4 trillion DVDs, and I'll tell you this: It isn't because of Neve Campbell's powerful acting skills.

Yep, Ms. Richards will bare her curves in the Alejandro Chomski drama, and she'll be joined by performers like Michael Madsen, Jesse Garcia and Debi Mazar. According to Variety the low-budget indie will begin shooting in Los Angeles later this year. Plot details are sketchy at this point, but who cares? They should just change the title to "Denise Richards as a Stripper" and watch the money roll in.

The still really sexy Denise Richards has had sort of an up 'n' down movie career. After hitting the bigtime in Starship Troopers and Wild Things, she went on to appear as a Bond girl and delivered some really funny moments in Undercover Brother. On the other hand: Valentine, Good Advice, The Third Wheel, You Stupid Man, Scary Movie 3, etc., Yikes. And when you're dancing between low-budget fart comedies and gimmicky bits of novelty casting, heck, it only makes sense to get naked and sign on for an artsy little indie. Good luck Denise. We're all pulling for you!
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