If you just returned from vacation in Helsinki, here's a recap of Lindsay Lohan Week. It started last Friday when, after the release of her new stripping clip from I Know Who Killed Me, the trades announced that Lohan had locked in a new role, in the 'elderly robbers' comedy Poor Things. In my post, I noted that it had been a good week for Lohan -- there were "no wild, out of control antics to report this week." Silly me. Later that night, Lohan ran her Mercedes up onto a curb and fled. The cops tracked her down at a local hospital, she was arrested, and then she checked into rehab, which threw her status in the new film in jeopardy -- a fact her publicist owned up to. One of the other stars of the film, Shirley MacLaine, subsequently released a statement of her own, saying the producers were trying to accommodate Lohan and help her with the "blending of mind, body and spirit." Groovy. Who knows what next week will bring? Until then, here are some samplings from the Lohan oeuvre to discuss.

Herbie: Fully Loaded
No, she does't play Herbie. I've never seen so many fifty year-old men, sans kids, standing in line for a kids' movie in my life as I did for this one. I ended up seeing something else, but I know Michael Keaton has a role in this, cashing a check as Lindsay's dad, and Matt Dillon plays the heavy, if there's such a thing in a movie about a magical Volkswagen. If Herbie could talk, would he have a German accent?

A Prairie Home CompanionI saw this one last year and remember thinking that Lohan did a fine job of handling the workload of an Altman picture, which is considerable. She seemed to be bearing down and trying, and did a good job of mixing in with the large ensemble cast. She certainly brings more to the movie than Virginia Madsen's ill-conceived Angel of Death character. Let's give credit where credit is due.

Just My Luck This is a weird one, which I caught the first half of on cable not long ago. Lindsay plays a young, upscale Manhattanite who angers the gods and becomes the unluckiest woman in the world. Not unlucky, as in, she suddenly becomes un-rich or un-gorgeous or anything serious like that. More like 'I got splashed by cab!' kind of bad luck. She has an opposite, a guy who had terrible luck and suddenly gets good luck after coming in contact with her, but I havent watched far enough to find out what happens yet.

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