I've been trying desperately to ignore all the bad buzz that keeps following around Live Free or Die Hard and its PG-13 rating. It doesn't matter where I go or who I talk to, someone inevitably heard from some guy who heard from some girl who heard from their cousin that the fourth Die Hard film is so bad that blah blah blah ... "I heard it's not screening for the press." "Oh yeah, well I heard the media aren't allowed to ask Bruce Willis any questions regarding the previous Die Hard films at the press junket." "Yeah, well I heard Erik Davis from Cinematical doesn't give two sh*ts about what all these people are saying because John McClane is back, and he's totally stoked to see him kick a ton of ass one more time on the big screen."

That's right, I don't care. Those folks who find themselves all wrapped up in negative buzz will go into the film almost wanting to hate it. And how is that fun? How is that healthy? Do yourself a favor and check out some of these brand new pics from the film; one of which features a scratched-up (yet still sexy) Maggie Q. tossing a wimpy Justin Long around like a rag doll. I dig the female villain; it was one of the best additions to the franchise when that blonde who had a thing for knives showed up in Die Hard with a Vengeance. My only problem with that film was that the ending was way too weak; hopefully they'll correct that this time around. Some of the other images include director Len Wiseman hard at work and Bruce Willis in a number of wrong situations at the wrong time. Don't listen to the naysayers; Bruce is king. Live Free or Die Hard (or Die Hard 4.0 for our international friends) arrives in theaters on June 27.

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