What hasn't Michel Gondry done, except for plain, mainstream fare like action movies and typical romcoms? There have been split-screen studies of going forward and backward in time, men carrying cars, dancing people skeletons, civilizing a man raised in the wild, another who tried to wipe his love from his memory and yet another guy whose hands can grow really big. He'd done everything except, of course, a magnetic brain, which he's now got covered with Be Kind, Rewind. Cinematical has been telling you about this film for ages, and if you haven't been paying attention yet -- you really should because if there was ever a Gondry film for everyone, I'd say it's this one.

The peeps over at Twitch have posted a photo from the film, which has Mos Def and Jack Black wrapped in tin foil stuck together with silver duct tape, with black straps to a backpack or something running under their armpits. Any guesses on the movie? Obviously, that isn't their normal attire, but their costumes for one of the films they re-create. If you haven't heard Rewind's premise yet -- it's about this guy named Jerry (Black) who becomes magnetized while trying to sabotage a power plant he thinks is melting his brain. When he accidentally erases all the tapes at the video store his friend Mike (Def) works at, to keep Mike's job and the sole regular, old lady customer, they decide to recreate every movie she decides to rent. (Because in Gondry's world, that's easy than buying the flick elsewhere.)

Part of me wishes they'd been releasing pics from each of the pair's adaptations are promo material, but at the same time, I'm sure that could spoil the funny shock of seeing what they come up with on the big screen. Hunting around to see if there were any others, I found some other photos lurking, which you might have missed if you don't haunt Jack Black fan sites or Filmwad. Both those links have a slew of pictures up with Black in period garb, farting around on a large, black and yellow train. Man, Mike and Jerry have a great production budget!
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