"Isn't it weird that when you have a kid all of your hopes and dreams go out the window?" -- Knocked Up

Once Monday morning rolls around, two things will be certain: 1) Everyone who did see Knocked Up over the weekend will find it to be the funniest film of the year so far, and 2) Judd Apatow will officially become the proud father of an instant classic. Both will happen fast -- almost instantaneously -- and you might not notice until the memorable quotes begin flying out the mouths of your fellow co-workers during that dreaded morning meeting. With no zany high concept, no major set pieces, no A-list stars and practically no physical comedy, you'd think Knocked Up would struggle to find even the mildest scattered laughter during its whopping (for a comedy) 129-minute running time. But thanks to Seth Rogan and the outstanding supporting cast, Judd Apatow picks up right where The 40 Year Old Virgin left off -- delivering a flawless situational comedy that feeds off a smorgasbord of delicious, relatable dialogue and enough heart to transform even the coldest, non-committal bachelor into the kind of guy who's just dying to start a family ... right after he gets back in line to watch the year's greatest comedy one more time.

Remember that group of stoners from school who always laughed off the corporate nine to five job and were convinced they'd discover the perfect get-rich-quick scheme providing them with enough money to sit on their asses and smoke pot for the rest of eternity? Well that's Ben (Rogan) and his best pals; all of whom are in their early twenties and sitting on top of, what they believe, is buried internet treasure -- a website that tracks nude scenes in movies and tells users exactly which point in the film said nudity shows up. Flesh of the stars.com. Ain't it grand? When they're not busy getting high or humiliating one another, the boys like to engage in some extra-curricular activities, such as sitting around at the bar -- staring at the beautiful women -- and doing nothing. That is, until Ben takes a chance and strikes up a conversation with Alison (Katherine Heigl); a pretty blonde out celebrating a job promotion with her self-conscious, do-you-think-I'm-still-sexy older sister Debbie (Leslie Mann). One drink leads to several, and before you know it Ben and Alison are waist-deep in a one-night-stand; an encounter that will change each of their lives forever.