Just how crazy can being in love make you? Just ask Burt Rugach and Linda Riss, subjects of the film Crazy Love, whose star-crossed, bizarre love affair has spanned more than 50 years. Starting with their magical first date in the late 1950s, through a first year of dates at glam nightclubs, to Linda's discovery that (oops!) Rugach was already married, to Linda's subsequent dumping of Burt, to Burt's stalking her relentlessly, the couple's love affair was fraught with drama.

Linda was both beautiful and insecure when she met Burt, who was a wealthy negligence attorney at a time when the term "ambulance chaser" was just coming into vogue. Burt wasn't particularly handsome, but he was rich and exciting; he owned a nightclub and his own plane, he had a new car every year, and he showered Linda with attention, even having the house band at his glamorous nightclub play the song "Linda" whenever Linda walked in.
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