Don't you hate it when you're watching a movie and the sound gets funky or the picture gets blurry? How about when that pack of 14-year-olds in the back row won't stop hootin' and hollerin' because Jimmy finally asked Jenny to the soph hop when like everyone was sure he really liked Janey? Ooh, or even worse: When your view of the movie is being obstructed by someone illegally videotaping Norbit into his Handycam?

If any of those things bug you, you might want to join Regal Cinema's "Crown Club," because, as we recently told you about, it sure looks like some of those members will soon have access to RGRS: Regal Guest Response System. (Dun dun dunnnnn!) It's a little pager thingie that has four buttons on it: Sound, Picture, Piracy and Other Disturbance. Basically if any of these things occur during the movie, you're able to push the appropriate button and get some results. (I find it kind of hilarious to think you'd need more than one button for this doo-hickey. How about a single button that says "Manager Come Here.")

Over a hundred of Regal's locations will offer the tattle-tale gizmo, but I bet they get rid of the equipment real fast after getting 130 buzzes per screening. Lord knows I'd lean on the button every time some open-mouthed popcorn chomper reached down to shake the ice out of his empty soda so he could gnaw on the cubes like some kind of cro-magnon mongoloid. I'm digressing. Points to Regal for trying to combat the in-theater irritations. Might I also suggest an "adult swim" screening once a weekend? No one under 18 admitted to any theaters at all.

So, what about you -- will you be willing to rat on your fellow movie-goer if they talk too loudly or do something else to cause annoyance during the film?
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