Cinematical's roving reporter Kevin Kelly made his way out to the junket press conference for Live Free or Die Hard yesterday, and I'm listening to the tapes he sent me right now. It's already hit the web that Bruce Willis says Fox wants another Die Hard movie to follow this one, but I wonder if he's really being serious about that. There was a huge time lapse between the third film and this one, so it would be surprising if the studio decided to immediately put another one into production, even if this one does surprisingly well at the box office. Then again, maybe they sense that Willis really is getting old, so the cow needs to be milked for all its worth now. Here's what Willis had to say on the subject: When asked "will this be the last 'Die Hard' movie," he responded: "No, I don't think so. Fox is already talking about doing another one. I told them I would only do it if Len is involved, and Maggie Q. And Justin, of course. You can't do one without Justin."

Also, when asked if he watched the first three before setting out to make this film, Willis said: "I looked at em' just before we started shooting this. I know I liked the first one. I looked at the second and third one and said 'Can't do that ... can't do that ... can't do that' ... one of the rules we had was that we banned ourselves from being self-referential. The second film, if you go back and look at the second film, there are so many f*ckin' references, referring to the first film. It was such bullshit, I just hated it. It was really just a stupid, stupid thing. I don't know, I mean I liked jumping out of the helicopter onto the wing of that plane. I liked that from the second one. But I'd have to look at it to tell you if there was anything else I liked."