Based on this trailer, it looks like the new Lionsgate horror film Skinwalkers is going to be sort of a Sam Peckinpah-style vampire movie, but Wikipedia, which knows more than I do, describes it as a "werewolf/horror/action/thriller," so there you go. Directed by the guy who brought us Jason X, the movie is most notable for having effects guru Stan Winston's company involved with the production. The plot involves two warring groups of werewolves who are waiting for the moon to reveal an ancient prophecy. Caught in the middle of the two groups is a young boy who is, unbeknownst to him, being protected by the good werewolves and being sought after by the bad wolves. Representing the good wolves is leader Elias Koteas, while the bad wolves are counting on Jason Behr. And there you have it.

The new trailer gets a lot of mileage out of talking, giving us a lot of build-up about how "there is a gene ... that separates ... man ... from animal ..." before some action shots are kicked in towards the end. I can't say I'm terribly impressed by what I see here -- it looks a lot like an 'original movie' cooked up by one of those cable channels, especially with the casting of Koteas, but I might check it out when it finally hits. I like the Mark Romanek-style poster, represented above. The film has played musical release dates, first opting for December 2007, then March 2007, and now set for July.