When Rogue/Universal pulled their Liv Tyler / Scott Speedman thriller The Strangers out of its July 13 release date, that left a certain VOID in the movie schedule, which might explain why Lionsgate opted to bump its oh-so-controversialCaptivity into that spot. (The flick had previously been scheduled for May 18 and then again for June 22, but now it's set for July 13. Until they change it again.) This means that 1408, A Mighty Heart and September Dawn now have June 22 all to themselves, while Captivity now gets July 13 all to itself! It's great how these things work out, isn't it? (Until another studio realizes what's going and and drops one of their flicks into July 13.)

This gives Captivity a little more time to "promote awareness" following their advertising embargo that was placed on them by the MPAA for having the audacity to publish unapproved posters that were both nasty and inappropriate. Then again, horror flicks rarely do all that well in the summertime, so I'm guessing LG and After Dark just want to unload the damn thing already. The Roland Joffe horror flick stars Elisha Cuthbert as a woman who gets abused. Be there on June 22 July 13. That's two days after the new Harry Potter flick, by the way.
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