If you're not a fan of magic then the name Criss Angel probably doesn't ring a bell, but since '95 he's starred in a handful of TV specials and for the last three years has had his own series on A&E. In a recent interview with TV Blend, the magician had some news to report -- he has just signed for a film version of the depression-era comic strip Mandrake The Magician. Written by Lee Falk, the story centers on a magician with hypnotic powers and a penchant for fighting mad scientists and criminal king-pins. Angel has a deal with the Luxor Hotel for 4000 performances over the next ten years, so the movie career probably won't be more than a part-time occupation for him.

He's planning on a hands-on approach to the role though, saying, "Being involved from the beginning in the creation of the script, and of the characters and effects, really gives me an opportunity to work with the director to make sure that it really seamless with how they coexist and work hand in hand, and how one supports the other and it's not contrived and it's not cheesy." That's hard to do when your protagonist has a pencil mustache and a top-hat. Some of Angel's changes include a limited use of CGI and a re-working of the story into, "a kind of cool realm of The Crow," which won't be much of stretch for him since he seems to have a thing for leather pants and Christ-poses anyway. Angel has been doing press for his latest "illusions" which include being suspended over Times Square in a concrete box and levitating 500 feet over the Luxor hotel. Barring any magical mishaps, Mandrake will start shooting later this year.

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