For Simpsons fans, the Danny Elfman theme song is probably considered sacred, but it looks like there could be some changes planned for the big-screen release. TV Squad reports that pop-punk trio Green Day will be making an appearance in The Simpsons Movie and that they will also be doing their very own version of the theme song -- hey, it worked for Sonic Youth.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the band will be appearing in the film as themselves and "crazy things happen" but obviously the details are being kept under wraps. Green Day's theme will also be released as a single on July 24th, three days before the film's release for a little extra buzz for the movie. Fox Music president Robert Kraft is planning on a three-part approach for the release of the soundtrack, which includes the single, making the soundtrack available for download and the more traditional CD (your choice of a regular jewel case or a limited edition pink donut.) TV Squad could not say if Green Day's version would be replacing Elfman's, but it might be the next major musical change Fox has planned for the film -- series composer Alf Clausen was the first casualty when he was ditched in favor of Oscar winner Hans Zimmer for the score. Or it could just be one in a series of celebrity cameos, you never know. We'll just have to wait until July 27th, when The Simpsons Movie hits theaters to find out.
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