Over at Collider, Frosty has up a pretty cool four-part video interview with Justin Long (conducted in a parking lot?) in which the actor talks a lot about Live Free or Die Hard, the infamous PG-13 rating, what is was like working with Bruce Willis and Timothy Olyphant, as well as ponders why tons of folks were pissed off when they first heard Long would play a role in the film. "People apparently hate that I'm involved; I guess because I'm in 'teen' movies or whatever ... although I have been in R-rated films before," Long notes. He goes on to admit that, originally, people were bummed the flick was getting a PG-13 rating. "When I was shooting and we found out it was going to be PG-13, I was disappointed -- we all were; Bruce was and everyone involved, I think. I feel like Die Hard is such an R-rated franchise, and it was truthfully hard acting in a movie and not being able to say 'f*ck' -- that's the first thing you want to say." However, fear not you die hard fans, Long also admits that Bruce "threw in a ton of F-bombs" in anticipation of the unrated DVD.

That said, even with the PG-13 rating, Long seems to back what Willis has been saying all along -- that you don't "miss alot not hearing f*ck and not seeing tons of blood; it's still really cool and the action is awesome. I'm amazed they got away with what they did in a PG-13 cut." When it came time to pimp some of Long's upcoming projects, a very interesting little cameo was leaked by the actor himself regarding his involvement in Walk Hard; the Judd Apatow-produced musical comedy starring John C. Reilly. According to Long, he filmed a tiny role in which he played George Harrison from The Beatles, while Jack Black played Paul McCartney, Paul Rudd played John Lennon and Jason Schwartzman played Ringo Starr. One can only imagine the type of lunacy that went on during those scenes, especially with Jack Black as McCartney. Long admits that it was minor, and says it might not even make the final cut -- but to know that something like that was filmed, and that we'll definitely be seeing it on a DVD if anything, has me anticipating Walk Hard even more than I originally was. Swing by Collider to check out the full interview; Live Free or Die Hard hit theaters on June 27.

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