Over at Hollywood Elsewhere, Jeff Wells continues poking the hornet's wasp with the proverbial stick by ragging on comedy Knocked Up as being unrealistic because a stoner dork like Seth Rogen's Ben would never, ever end up having sex with a hottie E! reporter like Katherine Heigl's Alison, much less having a long-term relationship with her just because an unintended pregnancy resulted from their night of passion.

Now, maybe it's because I live in the geek-heaven town of Seattle right now, but see enough dorky guys with hot wives/girlfriends schlepping around this town to find it hard to swallow Wells' argument. I think there are lots of young women, "hot" and otherwise, who would date a decent, genuinely kind and compassionate guy who looks like Rogen. Believe it or not, a lot of us have had more than enough of dating hottie boys who think they're doing you a favor by glancing in your general direction.

Personally, I'd have a harder time buying a successful young woman getting into a relationship with a guy Ben's age who's still living out his stoner youth, or even the idea that just because you fall into a drunken one-night stand with someone, you'd have enough in common to actually fall in love with them. The whole angle of whether a woman who looks like Alison would even have a one-night stand with a guy like Ben to begin with never occurred to me until I started seeing people get all fired up about the topic at Hollywood Elsewhere

I haven't caught Knocked Up yet, though it is on my short list of "films I'm not getting paid to review but want to see anyway." So those of you who have seen it, help me out a little here. If you've seen the film, did you find it unrealistic that Alison and Ben had a fling? And hey, all you female Cinematical readers out there -- would you sleep with a guy like Rogen?
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