Wouldn't you like to have Alejandro Amenabar as a friend? The award-winning director of Open Your Eyes, The Others and The Sea Inside has announced he will produce El Mal Ajeno, to be directed by his friend Oskar Santos. Actress Belen Rueda has been set as the female lead. She described the story to Variety as a "mixed-genre doctor's drama laced with fantasy and suspense elements." Rueda was very impressive in The Sea Inside as a lawyer fighting for quadriplegic Ramón Sampedro's (Javier Bardem) right to die, while battling her own medical problems. Her role in El Mal Ajeno is said to be a patient's wife, but I can't imagine she'll be any kind of wallflower; she has too strong a personality to blend easily into the background. The script is by Daniel Sanchez Arevalo, who recently made a splash on the festival circuit with DarkBlueAlmostBlack, due for a theatrical run in the US later this year.

The Spanish title El Mal Ajeno translates word for word, depending on your free online translator of choice, as either 'the badly other people's one,' 'the badly strange, foreign' or 'the evil somebody else's.' Santos previously made A Trip to The Sea Inside, an 87-minute documentary that was included on the DVD of The Sea Inside. More germane to the making of a picture with fantasy elements, though, Santos also directed two fantasy shorts, Torre and El Sonador. The latter was based on an idea by Amenabar, who also served as producer. Between the making of those two shorts, Santos also contributed a short film to UrbanChillers.com. Filming on El Mal Ajeno is set to begin in early 2008, which means we have to wait until next year to find out if Santos can mix genres like his friend Amenabar -- and also what the heck that title really means.
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