There are so many awards programs out there that it's hard to keep track of mountainous piles of accolades that any morsel of media can win. It can gain awards from your favorite faux music station, for being truly terrible or for just coming from a particular area. The latest distinctions to be handed out for films -- the Vancouver, BC Leo Awards, which "celebrate excellence in British Columbia film and television." This is a combination of Canadian efforts, and productions filmed in BC, the locale that is often picked to represent locations stateside.

For the ninth annual awards, the two bigger-buzz winners were Douglas Coupland's Everything's Gone Green and the funny slave-zombie flick, Fido. The Green flick, which stars Paulo Costanzo, has been featured a few times on Cinematical, most recently in April, when Kim Voynar shared an exclusive clip. The film nabbed Leos for Best Feature-Length Drama and Best Screenwriting, not too shabby for Dougie's first feature-length screenplay. Then there's the Billy Connolly zombie-rifficFido, which turned BC into a haven of 50's fantasy and zombie servitude. The movie was awarded a slew of behind-the-scenes Leos for Best Cinematography, Best Overall Sound, Best Musical Score, Best Make-Up and Best Visual Effects. Unfortunately, no accolades-love for Connolly, who spent the entire movie moaning and groaning.

Four other films grabbed the rest of the feature honors. Ross Weber's indie flick, Mount Pleasant, won Best Direction and Best Supporting Actor for Ben Ratner (not Brett Ratner). Unnatural & Accidental, a murder drama, scored Leos for Best Picture Editing, Best Supporting Female Performance for Margo Cane and Best Lead Male Performance for one of my favorite Canadian actors, Callum Keith Rennie. Finally there is the historical drama Partition, which won some Leos for Best Sound Editing and Best Production Design, and Past Tense, which won Alexia Fast (who also happened to be in Fido) a Leo for Best Lead Female. You can get a list of other awards, which includes television and short film Leos here.

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