The first poster for that Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There has apparently leaked online. I say 'leaked' because I don't believe it's been officially released, and the pics we do have aren't very clear. However, the poster offers us enough of a look at (I think) Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale and Heath Ledger as Bob Dylan. I'm not sure who that first guy is (Richard Gere?), but following him are, what appear to be, Blanchett, Bale and a very Buddy Holly-looking Ledger. Ben Whishaw and Marcus Carl Franklin are also playing Dylan in the film; in total, there will be six Bob Dylans. Confused? Good.

Directed (and co-written) by Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven), pic "follows seven characters, each embodying a different aspect of Dylan's life story and music," according to the description on IMDb. It's also the first biographical feature project that Dylan has ever approved of. Also starring Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams and David Cross, the film is set to arrive in theaters on September 21. I kind of dig the poster so far; it has a real trippy vibe to it -- one I'm sure will be present throughout the film. Heck, you have six people representing Bob Dylan (at different times in his life) through other characters.If that's not a head trip, I don't know what is. The Weinstein Co. will distribute, which is pretty funny seeing as they also sent Factory Girl into theaters; a film in which Hayden Christensen obviously portrayed Dylan (without the performer's permission) and subsequently pissed the guy off. So far, Dylan hasn't had any problems with I'm Not There; then again, we still have a few months before the film makes its grand entrance.

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