Hell hath frozen over, and there's some less shocking news to boot:
  • Go figure! In April I mused that Mike Tyson might have a future in Bollywood, after he took part in a music video for the Indian flick -- Fool and Final. I never thought it would actually happen, but hell hath frozen over! Variety is reporting that the ear-hungry boxer wants to act in Bollywood movies. Apparently, Tyson says that "the atmosphere was very congenial, happy and energetic" on the set, although I'm not sure I can imagine him saying "congenial." Nevertheless, he's thinking about an acting future in India and is discussing the possibility with Firoz Nadiadwala, who produced Fool -- "We seriously intend to work toward it." I wonder what the folks over in India will think of the troubled man potentially becoming the next Bollywood star? It's just so surreal.
  • Patrick Stewart, the ever-loved Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Professor Charles Xavier, is once again warming up his narrating voice. He is going to be the voice behind the English-language version of the Earth documentary, which follows three animal families -- polar bears, elephants and hump-backed whales "on epic journeys across the world's most demanding and spectacular landscapes." I'm sure that means we'll have lots of cute moments intermingled with sad, animal realities. The actors describes the film as "a beautiful, comic, moving, urgent, private view of the environments and creatures with whom we share our home planet. It urges us, while delighting us with dazzling images, to address the pressing and desperate needs of this our fragile earth." So basically, it's the same old animal documentary material.
  • Finally there's some strange, foreign weirdness by way of the folks over at Twitch. They've found trailers, a promo reel and making-of video for Italian director Stefano Bessoni'sFrammenti di scienze inesatte. The man himself posted the clips on YouTube, and while the movie is from 2005, I wonder if this means it will get beyond its limited, Italian release. The movie is about a headmaster of medicine and natural science who has a number of strange students, such as a researcher of angels, who rent out an old house from him. He tries to support them, but also has a secret he is keeping from them. The clips look cool and go quite well with the music. Unfortunately, the making-of film has no subtitles, so you've got to either ignore the sound or brush up on your Italian. Warning: some of the clips are NSFW -- there are autopsy scenes that show people lying nude on the doctor's slabs.