That upcoming Ron Howard-directed Richard Nixon movie called Frost/Nixon has just added the epic Kevin Baconto its cast. The adapted stage play already has Frank Langella reprising his role as Nixon and Michael Sheen reprising his role as Frost, as well as Sam Rockwell as James Reston Jr., Frost's head researcher. Now Bacon has slid onto the roster to play Nixon's chief of staff, Jack Brennan. The film and play are based on the televised interviews between Frost and Nixon in 1977, where the former got the ex-president to admit his guilt in the whole Watergate scandal. Of course, as with any adaptation, there are some liberties. According to this write-up, one of the most interesting involves Bacon's Brennan. During one interrogation, Brennan held up a placard for Frost to see that said "Let him talk." The interviewer mis-read it as "Let us talk" and halted the interview for a bit. In the theatrical version, Brennan storms on-stage and demands a break. Ah, the liberties of cinematic storytelling!

I'm sure the Bacon will be a natural in the role -- he has done well with period pieces and true stories in the past (Apollo 13, Where the Truth Lies). But what I want to know is when will Kevin Bacon dance again? The guy has spent the last decade or so acting mainly in creepy thrillers and super-serious dramas, mixed in with a family film here or there for good measure -- and Beauty Shop, the one really strange blip on his recent resume. While there can sadly be no reunion with Chris Penn, I'm sure there's some sort of rebellious dance he can partake in. That is, unless he's going the Christopher Walken route and won't dance again until some great music video director casts him in an epic, short role. But by then, he won't be able to do all the moves of his past and that will just be a bummer.
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