I know my horror movies pretty well, and I know my grade-z schlock, but even I had never heard of Zombie Bloodbath, let alone its two sequels. All three films are ultra gory shot-on-video zombie films written and directed by Todd Sheets, and the trilogy will be available on June 12 in a two DVD set from Camp Motion Pictures. Although hailing mostly from the 1990's these three films are right at home amongst Camp's Retro 80's Horror Collection, through which they've been resurrecting direct to video horror flicks from the early days of home video. Does the world really need three Zombie Bloodbaths? In a nutshell, no. While it was interesting to see Sheets' skill and style as a filmmaker evolve over the course of the three movies -- and he improves remarkably -- the films are too amateurish to be drawn into.

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