Australia mania 2007 continues! I realize it may seem like we just can't get enough of Baz Luhrmann's upcoming epic of self-reliance here at Cinematical, but darn it if it doesn't keep looking better and better all the time. When you take the unique directing talents of Baz Luhrmann, combine them with the alluring screen presence of Nicole Kidman and the he-manesque qualities of Hugh Jackman, you surely seem to have a film that should ignite not only the screen but the box office as well. But before I get too ahead of myself, let's recap a little for those of you just joining us here at Australia mania 2007.

Previously, we brought you word about the film and featured its many virtues, including the director, cast and several sets of pictures -- each more fantastic and revealing than the last. And now, thanks to the folks down under at the Sydney Morning Herald, we have some great set visit details and more pictures to share with you. Among the info reported in the article is the dedication and attention to detail of director Luhrmann -- so dedicated, supposedly, that he rarely eats or sleeps -- how the cast and crew are working very hard but also seem to be enjoying themselves and that the script, according to the film's producer Mac Brown: "makes you laugh and makes you cry and makes you cry again, and makes you cry again." Good stuff.

In addition to the Herald piece, there's also some interesting info provided at the Australia Movie site as well. According to the site, some residents of Bowen, the town in Queensland where Australia is currently filming, are becoming a little, shall we say, "disillusioned" with the whole fimmaking process. The excitement of having a big Hollywood movie shooting in their town is apparently now over and they are starting to get annoyed with the film and its disruption of life in their quiet town. Reading the article, I can sympathize with them -- but only a little. If they think they're having a tough time with disruptive film crews, try living in LA sometime.