In case you didn't notice, the MTV Movie Awards were all over Transformers last night. Since then, three new pretty cool clips have arrived online, one of which features an extended version of that Optimus Prime vs. Bonecrusher freeway fight scene that, honestly, left me slightly chucking (only because Bonecrusher looked as if he was roller-blading), but even so I still can't wait to see this flick. (In order to prove to you that us movie bloggers are indeed human, I've opted not to review Transformers in order to catch a midnight showing with my good friends. Man, it's films like this that have me feeling like a teenager again!)

The second clip is also from a scene we've seen before (the helicopter attack scene), except it's extended to include Josh Duhamel talking with this hottie wife about how cute their baby is. But then a robot shows up to wreak havoc. Poor Josh. And, if you caught the MTV Movie Awards last night, then you probably already saw the third clip. At one point, Sarah Silverman does one of those movie spoof short film-type things, and finds herself face-to-face with Optimus Prime. This gave us our first heavy taste of how Peter Cullen sounds as Prime, as well as what it will look like with his mouth moving. I think he sounds pretty good, although I'm far from one of them crazy, die hard Transformers fans. Yeah, I had the toys and watched the cartoon -- but that was pretty much it. Thus, I'm heading into this film with more of a "wow, big robots fighting" attitude than a "let's see how Michael Bay ruined our beloved Transformers." I've included all three clips after the jump; let us know what you think. Transformers hits theaters on July 3.

[via Cinema Blend]

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