Maybe it's just me, but when I hear that there is going to be a new horror movie about crazy mall mirrors, I imagine something goofy, with a battery of up-and-comers who hope this stint will be their catapult into bigger and better roles. Then again, Mirrors is Alexandre Aja's remake of a Korean horror film. For some reason, horror remakes from overseas usually seems to get higher-profile names. The Ring had Naomi Watts, The Grudge had Sarah Michelle Gellar and The Eye will have Jessica Alba. Hmm, I guess Mirrors didn't want to follow the "the" pattern, besides changing it up with a male lead.

Previously, I brought you word that Kiefer Sutherland was attached to star as the mall security guard trying to find the origin of the evil in the mirrors. Then, Ryan Stewart posted Paula Patton's addition to the cast. Now Bloody Disgusting has the rest of the cast list, that is headlined by The Butterfly Effect and Crank star, Amy Smart. Now, there is no word on her character, but the IMDb cast list has got her, Sutherland and Patton having the same last name -- along with a few others. Patton was previously said to be the 24 star's disbelieving fiance, so either Smart is a kid he had at an extremely young age, or maybe an ex-wife and mother of his kids? Obviously, this is some sort of family affair. Production is currently in full swing over in Romania, and we've got just a little bit more of the plot to flesh things out -- Kiefer's character is investigating mysterious deaths that happen at a department store, in front of the mirrors, and finds out "that there are murderous reflections out for revenge." Well, that makes a little more sense.
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