This isn't Waiting ... for Guffman, or even Waiting ... to Exhale. This is just Waiting..., the flick from Rob McKittrick about bored, Shenaniganz restaurant servers that starred Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris and Justin Long. Did you see it? The movie was one of those typical Faris/Reynolds over-the-top comedies that was ravaged by critics, but I don't ever remember anyone telling me they liked it, or even saw it, for that matter. On the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards the other day, some of the actors said that the next installment was coming out, as either Waiting ... 2 or Still Waiting.

According to Alanna Ubach, who was Naomi in the original (and one of Elle's wacky friends in Legally Blonde): "The basic plot is that the restaurant is still open, but it's going through a lot of trouble. It's really sinking, and [the waiters] are doing anything they can to keep it open. And a lot of crazy things happen along the way!" Andy Milonakis, who played Nick, also said: "I think most people are coming back at least for cameos. Everybody but Ryan is doing at least a cameo." Gee, I can't even fathom why Mr. Reynolds wouldn't be into the sequel. Ha. Perhaps if Milonakis' quip about it taking place on the moon was true, it would be worth the effort, but really, what's the point? To show "a lot more weed smoking" as he also promises? Or, because Ubach, who apparently showed her genitals in the first, jokes that her boobs are next. Well, at least the film will keep some antsy high school boys entertained.
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