Most of my fondest John Cusack memories come attached to the awesome (yet totally cheesy) '80s flicks Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer. (C'mon, you have to admit that Hoops McCann is the greatest name for a character ever!) Thus, it is with great joy that I report Savage Steve Holland's triumphant return to the big screen. Most people forget that the man who made a name for himself directing shows like Lizzie Maguire, Unfabulous and Zoey 101 began his career by helming two of the greatest Cusack films of all time. I'm not sure why he ditched all that big-screen teen angst to take on Lizzie and Zoey, but I was stoked to find out (via The Hollywood Reporter) that Holland plans to shell out what is, essentially, the third film in his Cusack trilogy. Only problem right now is Cusack doesn't seem to be signed on.

Based on Holland's own life, The Big One 3 will revolve around a father who makes it his mission to provide his son with one heckuva 13th birthday party to make up for the one he missed out on as a kid. Apparently, when Holland was a child, no one showed up to his 13th birthday party except for a clown who hit on his sister the entire time. I take it that unfortunate incident will serve as the backstory for our eager-to-please father who, if all goes right, will most likely be played by Cusack. Fingers crossed. Warren Zide (American Pie, Final Destination), who's producing, says "The world needs another Savage movie, done today for today's generation. This is classic Savage." No word on whether Cusack was in talks or if they've even approached him yet, but if they can get him somehow slip this puppy in between the three projects he currently has lined up, then I'm so there. Right now, plans call for The Big One 3 to begin production this fall in New Orleans.

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